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Wool Suits are very popular for many reasons and are usually expensive. H&H Uniforms works directly with the manufacturer, thus making our suits very affordable.

Wool Suits offer the following advantages:

  • Durable
  • Sytlish
  • Natural fiber so it breathes well
  • Fights against wrinkles
  • Can be worn in both summer and winter months

Wool can be spun differently to provide different comfort levels. Wool suits are often referred to super 110, 120, 130 all the way up to 150. The higher the number, the the higher the quality. A super 110 means a suit is made of worsted wool yarn that has many twisted more often than the usual 60-80 twist fabrics.

The quality of fabric dictates the price of a suit. A suit made of "60-80" twists fabrics will be cheaper than the one made of super 110 or super 120.

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